Trump is finally hit by the coronavirus emergency

2020-03-18 14:09:05

For the first time,Trump gave a serious press conference to the people.This Monday,Trump had the soberest press conference on coronavirus pandemic.

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In this conference,he not only sounded responsible but also gave out a lot of information and facts on the problem.He asked the people to be united in the face of this global pandemic.This time,he didn’t put up the usual behaviour that he typically does in all his conferences.Instead, he chose to actually communicate with the people to help the situation at hand.He seemed to be stressing on the importance of the gravity of the crisis.

Trump called the situation to be very bad.In this press conference,he revealed the new 15-day plan to curb down the spread of coronavirus in the country.This plan is targeted at the new infections that have occurred in the country.He wants to control the situation before it becomes overwhelming for the health system to handle it.The good part is that he seemed to be serious all through his speech.

Trump in his speech said that all of them have a significant role to play in stopping and preventing the virus from getting stronger.Everyone should take the initiative to stop the transmission of the disease. He urges the people of America to be united in this crisis so that they can fight it together. His thinking and concern about the matter may have a positive effect on him being re-elected as the President once again also said on Trump twitter.

Trump through his speech showed his genuine concern about the country and its people.This has happened for the first time that a press conference organized by Trump has been this serious.With his speech,he proved himself to be a responsible leader.He also proved that he has what it takes to lead the people in such a serious time.

He called out to the citizens to be united in the face of crisis.However, one press conference is not enough to turn the ride of the crisis.The situation is more serious than any press conference trying to curb it down.But the good thing is that Trump seems to be all serious about the matter. He is ready to lead the people in the coming days as he will guide them on what needs to be done to control the situation.

He has already taken effective measures to control the spread of coronavirus.Trump seems to be active than ever before.This has been a very unusual behaviour on his part.It actually shocked the viewers who have seen his other conferences.

Trump urged citizens to avoid unnecessary travel and social gatherings.He also instructed older people and children to stay home.Also, the people who are sick should not get out of their homes.He also ordered the families of the sick person to be quarantined.