Ben Kingsley Teaches Flula About Life (Full Interview)

I interview Sir Ben Kingsley, and we do speak of many things, to include Hair and Rainbows. Enjoy my Interview with other Dictator Stars! Here: Follow Flula Hier! // Like Flula Hier! // Flula Store! // BOOM! Hallo to you! I am Flula Borg, a German Man of Adventure and Music and Many Other Items of Dopeness! You have perhaps seen me inside Pitch Perfect 2, or in my Automobile making Musik in my Auto Tunes series, or wondersing why Jennifer does poop at Partys (I still do not knows why!) Join me here for YouTube-Exklusive Content inkluding Vlogs, Celebrity Interviews, Dope Musik, Comedy Times, Drama Times, DJ Times and much many more Dope Times! See you soon and oh yes: DÄNCE!!

Channel: Flula
Published At: 2012-05-21T21:52:35.000Z