Tom Hardy speaks French - again!

A clip from Le Grand Journal in Cannes, May 2012, where Tom Hardy speaks a little French again. Here's a translation of the exhange: This is your first time in Cannes, right? Yes, it's my first time. Did Shia & Jessica give you any advice on how to behave, how you walk the red carpet, what you do at night? Yeah, I'm not allowed to speak. Yes, you are! Go on. Well, like I said, I'm not allowed to speak, but I was to told to wear a suit, not to speak and to shave my beard. That's the advice I got. You're English, Tom? Yeah, I'm British. You know the region a bit, the south of France, you've vacationed with your family here, you speak a little French? [in French] Yes, I speak a little French, but not very good. [in English] I used to come to the south of France when I was a kid. Not here [I don't know which villages he mentions... Montbezier?].

Channel: charlidos
Published At: 2012-10-09T04:51:59.000Z