Tobey Maguire Interviews Andrew Garfield About 'The Amazing Spider-Man' - The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer! - Click to Subscribe! - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! Maguire/Garfield VMan Interview - Former Spider-Man Tobey Maguire sits down with the new Peter Parker to talk about playing the web crawler on screen and we have the highlights! In a recent interview for VMan magazine, actor Tobey Maguire, who played Peter Parker slash Spider-Man in the three previous Sam Raimi films interviewed new Spidey Andrew Garfield on the heels of the debut of the much anticipated 'The Amazing Spider-Man'. In addition to discussing acting in general, a lot of the conversation involved Garfield asking Maguire for advice on how best to handle the newfound stardom that comes with such an iconic role. Maguire explained that his experience was much different, because his occurred overnight during the opening weekend of 2002's Spider-Man, while Garfield was thrust upon the world from day one when it was announced he landed the coveted role. His best advice though was to just enjoy the ride. Maguire showed his excitement for the new film saying, "When it was coming together, I was particularly excited at two moments: one was when [director] Marc Webb got involved. I think he's an interesting and cool choice. and then I was certainly curious as to who was going to play Peter Parker. When I heard it was you, I was literally like...perfect!" Garfield also shared a story when he saw Maguire as Spider-Man for the first time and would reenact the final line of the film with his friend who told him he could never be Spider-Man. Sounds like the jokes on his friend as Garfield will be taking on the role of Peter Parker when the film hits theaters on July 3rd. You can check out the full article in the Spring issue of VMan or by clicking the link below. So do you think Garfield is the perfect Peter Parker or will Maguire always be your favorite neighborhood Spider-Man? Let us know in the comments and be sure to hit us up on Facebook to stay in the movie know. I'm Misty Kingma, thanks for watching.

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Published At: 2012-05-09T18:38:45.000Z