Robert Pattinson- Let Me Sign Official. With Lyrics.

*CLICK FOR LYRICS. ALSO ON THE VIDEO* (i got part of the lyrics wrong) Standing there by a broken tree Her hands are all twisted, she was pointing at me I was damned by the light, coming out of her eyes She spoke with a voice that disrupted the sky She said walk on over here to the bitter shade I will wrap you in my arms and youll know that youre saved Let me sign Let me sign *Yes, this is in fact Robert Pattinson singing. I know the lyrics are wrong. I apologize. But there's nothing I can do about it now. -------------------------- Disclaimer: I own nothing used in this vide. None of the audio or pictures used in this video are mine. All credit goes to Summit Entertainment ad Robert Pattinson. (c) Twilight Soundtrack: The Score Enjoy (:

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Published At: 2008-12-09T00:09:25.000Z