Fifty Shades of Grey Unofficial Trailer 2014 Henry Cavill Alexis Bledel Blake Lively

I've seen many Matt Bomer and Ian Somerhalder trailers but I think now the Man of Steel(e) Henry Cavill deserves some recognition as a potential Christian Grey. Heres my first unofficial trailer for the fifty shades of grey movie and i hope you like it :D Cast: Henry Cavill- Christian Grey Alexis Bledel- Anastasia Steele Blake Lively- Katherine Kavanagh George Eads- Jason Taylor Lena Olin- Dr. Grace Trevelyan-Grey Pierce Brosnan- Atty. Carrick Grey Mary Steenburgen- Carla Adams Michael Keaton- Raymond 'Ray' Steele Justin Hartley- Elliot Grey Nina Dobrev- Mia Grey Chace Crawford- Ethan Kavanagh Steven Strait- Jose Rodriguez Ioan Gruffudd- Dr. John Flynn Josie Bissett- Gail Jones Philip Winchester- Jack Hyde Kate Mara- Leila Williams Kim Cattrall- Elena Lincoln Olivia Wilde- Ella Songs: The Truth by Audiomachine (first half of the trailer) Solace by Audiomachine (second half of the trailer) I am well aware trailers dont go for 7 minutes but i didnt really want to cut it down, so consider this a trailer/mini movie. I OWN NOTHING

Channel: Kayla Clarke
Published At: 2013-01-03T11:14:18.000Z