Shame (2011) Soundtrack - New York, New York "Theme"

Composed by John Kander, written by Fred Ebb, cover by Carey Mulligan and Liz Kaplan. A soundtrack of 2011 film Shame. I hold no rights for this song. Editing #2: I'm looking at somewhere like 249,062 hits while I'm editing this description. Considering the movie isn't all that popular, this video's leg is quite surprising. Again I 'thank' people, and also the talents that were put in this song, despite of some brats who whined about my 'thanking' ppl that must not have experienced the case I had with this video. Edit: Over 150,000 hits? SERIOUSLY??? I totally didn't expect this and dunno what to say but, well, thanks everyone, enjoy the song, and this movie is marvellous. Make sure you watch it on DVD or Blu-ray or in whatever legal way.

Channel: Archwizard Snim
Published At: 2011-12-15T00:15:26.000Z